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Jun 3, 2018

Honestly, we're a little surprised you're still here. Was it something we said? We don't have great voices, and we know you don't know what we look like, so sex appeal is out.

Are you really that bored? Our jokes are questionable at best. And who the hell are all you people listening to us in San Francisco? You know Trey's dream is to ride electric scooters from startup to startup, tossing them aside haphazardly when he's done. The least you could do is fund his ventures.

Did you even wish Brandon a happy wedding and congratulations? That's ice cold, man. Whatever. Just listen, but know we're not happy about it.

This Season's Top #Questions by:

We're taking June 10th off, but Trey will be back with some bonus content in the meantime. On June 17th, Trey will be throwing a curveball at you while Brandon gets reacclimated with the Eastern Time Zone. Season 2 comes at you on June 24th.

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