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Apr 30, 2018

Brandon and Trey are stoked, coked and ready to toke this week's 420 questions.

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This Week's #Questions

Apr 22, 2018

Making deals their dirty minds can't cash. This week the guys wash out their mouths to satisfy one fan while answering the always ineffable question, WTF?

This Week's #Questions

Apr 16, 2018

Y'all get your taxes done? Best get on the line with the Block before the tax man comes rappin'.

This Week's #Questions

Apr 9, 2018

This week the guys bask in the misery of the Twitterverse as they answer the questions of the world's most dispassionate employees.

This Week's #Questions

Apr 2, 2018

It's almost like Dr. Phil and Dr. Drew's dimwitted step-clone stole our microphone.

This Week's #Questions